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BenchThe bench donation scheme enables people to donate a bench to be placed in South Park Gardens. Your donation could be to commemorate a loved one, as an anniversary gift, or to mark a significant event, like the birth of a child. Perhaps you just love the Gardens and would like to feel that you are contributing to its future.

The style of benches has been chosen to reflect the heritage of the Gardens and is of sturdy construction with oiled natural oak slats and bluey green wrought iron arms and legs. Many people choose a location in the Gardens that was a favourite spot for their loved one, whatever your reason, by donating a bench you will making a significant contribution to the Gardens. If you wish to donate a bench you will need to contact Friends on  with the location of the bench or tree where you would like to make the dedication and for more information.

The current cost for the dedication of a bench is: £800, plus £40 for a brass plaque with your chosen inscription excluding VAT.

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