Heritage Lottery Restoration 08/09Leaves

This is what was done to restore South Park Gardens to its former glory:

  • Diseased, dying and unwanted trees were removed from the Gardens to open up the vistas and retain the best specimens.
  • The borders were dug over and compost introduced to improve the soil quality.
  • New shrubs were planted in the borders and new trees planted in agreed sites throughout the Gardens.
  • Paths were dug up and old materials removed from the site. Some of the waste material was re-used in accordance with our policies on conservation, recycling and sustainability.
  • A mini-beast sanctuary was created in the northeast corner of the Gardens.
  • ‘Soft spots’ and underground drainage issues were dealt with and tree roots protected or re-routed prior to the paths being resurfaced.
  • New path surfaces were laid.
  • The fountain was removed for restoration and later re-installed.
  • The horse trough was cleaned up and re-sited very close to its old position.
  • New benches were installed.
  • New waste bins and dog-waste bins were installed.
  • Notice boards were sited inside the two main gates at Trinity and Dudley Roads.
  • New kick rails were installed around certain flowerbeds.
  • A wild flower meadow was created around the large cedar tree in the northeast corner of the Gardens.
  • New trellising was erected to screen the gardeners’ mess room.
  • A new fence was installed to the gardeners’ compound.
  • A security fence was added in the northeast corner at a point that was regularly used by people climbing over the railings at night.
  • The central flowerbeds were planted with a mixture of shrubs and flowers.
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